Nightcap 31 The Lark Distiller’s Selection N.A.S.

A Tasmanian whisky! I had been inclined to overlook these as I thought they did not have much character, and they are quite expensive. Through a very kind gift I have received a bottle of this whisky (not scotch because it is not made in Scotland) and have given it the taste test. It is a beautifully bright deep amber colour with mahogany tinges. On the nose I detected caramel and spice with a gentle syrup theme. A little added water opened up a number of floral characters. It has a lovely flavour in the mouth. It is rich and full of oak and lots of fruits. It also has sweet port characters from the barrels used. Even a hint of chocolate. A huge spicy explosion warms the cockles of the heart on swallowing, as well as the oesophagus. The finish continues for a long time with toffee and plum pudding notes. It also finishes very dry. This has been an eye opener and is now a very welcome addition to my stash. The only problem is I have run out of shelf space. I might have to move the bourbons.

The Lark Distiller's Selection

The Lark Distiller’s Selection