We had an interesting day yesterday (12th Sept). We travelled to Brisbane on the train and wandered around the centre of the city for a few hours. We managed to catch up with my friend Neil again. He introduced me to a cider bar called Verve.

It is the first bar ever where I have seen a menu showing more ciders than beers & ales being offered. None were on tap; all from bottles (of varying size). I chose a 330ml bottle of Cidre Breton from France and it was a lovely brew. Full of apple flavour (surprise I hear you say) and yeast, it had been fermented in the bottle. At $9 a stubby it is not cheap, but it was delicious.

The sad news is the holiday is almost over and we fly back to Tasmania tomorrow.


I preface my remarks by saying that I have with beer, yet to experience that moment when I say “That’s what the fuss is all about!”  My son in law has been shoving various drinks in my direction that have usually left me underwhelmed. I must admit that at “Two Metre Tall” on the winery walkabout weekend I might have come close to that experience as I at least found the ales on offer palatable. The brewery is quite some distance above New Norfolk on the Lyell Highway. Ashley Huntington is very passionate about the products he makes and that came across as he shared the ales and ciders with us. All ingredients are sourced in Tasmania and most from the local area. We tried a number of the potables on offer. As I was experimenting with recording my notes on my new HTC phone, the notes may seem a bit rambling.

Two Metre Tall Derwent Ale

“I don’t know why I am doing this; tasting beer in the Upper Derwent Valley. I’ve just tried a handmade Derwent Ale and it’s actually not undrinkable. It’s not bitter and quite tangy. It’s good. I’ll have to try the next one.”

Pulling an ale!

Two Metre Tall Forester Bitter Amber Ale

“This is a Forester Bitter Ale. Some of the ingredients (hops in particular) come from the North East region of Tasmania, hence the name Forester. It is surprisingly drinkable.

Two Metre Tall Huon Dark Apple Ale

I’m actually stunned here! I’m drinking Huon Dark Ale which has 25% apples and … I actually like it! This is very concerning for someone who claims to not like beer, but I am actually liking this. Its got a bit of sweetness and a bit of acid and I like it!

Barilla Bay Oyster Stout

I’m drinking an Oyster Stout which supposedly has some oysters in the brew. I don’t know as I like it as much as the Dark Ale which has the apple in it. But..umm..different.

Passionate about his product!