Nightcap 28 Dewar’s Special Reserve 12yo

I am now deep into my second shelf with some blended scotch bottles. This one is a deep amber colour with slight mahogany tinges. There are lots scrabbling for attention on the nose: honey, malt, smoke and even fruit (dried). It has a big flavour in the mouth and that usual 40% warming feeling of the oesophagus, but not in any way could you call it a burn. Saliva developing spices and oakiness. The flavour is perhaps a little overpowering and things slightly out of balance. It is not the best selection I have made, but it is far from a raw spirit. A little water knocks off the rough edges. Good finish. Will make very handy Rusty Nails.

Dewar's Special Reserve 12yo

Dewar’s Special Reserve 12yo